Let’s Have A Chat

Hi, Hello yes I'm still here... it has been a few weeks from my last post. So where have I been you ask? I have been lost in my own mind stressed out over every little thing, so I have been trying to take care of my mental health and just look after myself. Nothing …

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Agadir, Morocco

This all started in August, my mother was going to celebrate a big birthday in November and I wanted to do something special I just wasn't sure what yet... Knowing I wanted to do something I started saving money meaning I deleted that boohoo bookmark and cut down on the sweet Moscato. Fast forward to …

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Vegan Chocolate and Snack Hamper Gift Box Review

The Goodness Project Now this theme of vegan snacks reviews started on my YouTube channel where I tried snacks from InSpiral. (Link here https://goo.gl/5DCeem) I mean who wouldn't want snacks that you don't feel guilty about, which led me to The Goodness Project. I found them on Amazon but they do have there own website. https://thegoodnessproject.co.uk So lets get …

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