Vegan Chocolate and Snack Hamper Gift Box Review

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Now this theme of vegan snacks reviews started on my YouTube channel where I tried snacks from InSpiral. (Link here

I mean who wouldn’t want snacks that you don’t feel guilty about, which led me to The Goodness Project.

I found them on Amazon but they do have there own website.

So lets get into the review the box is £25 and comes with 13 items they grantee a large Vego bar in each box.


I was really surprised by this as when it comes to vegan dark chocolate is queen, this tasted like milk chocolate with yummy bits of whole hazelnuts this was a hit.


 O.M.G!! These where amazing really light tasting. Best way to describe it is like cheese puffs but peanut flavour.



I’m going to be honest I wasn’t to keen on this one. I felt is was lacking on the cookies pieces the chocolate tasted good but if its meant to have bits in it, it should be loaded not just a few here and there.


These where a nice fruity delight great to keep in your bag for a quick sugar kick with a fresh pomegranate taste.


 If your like me and you love coconut you will really enjoy this. It has a slight crunch from the goji berries, a very tasty snack.


Another one I wasn’t to keen on felt like the cacao tasted really powdery. I would give this a miss.


I’m obsessed with cashews!! And theses did not disappoint my favourite flavour added as well just wished it was a bigger pack.


 Now this was a better chocolate flapjack. The tiny dark choco chips where perfectly distributed evenly in the bar so every bit was amazing.


I grabbed this one morning when was running late for work. Marching down the street had never been better, this was so moist a bit tangy with lots of red and blue berries.


Theses where so versatile they tasted great, I used them on my breakfast in mug cakes, my mum even enjoyed theses and she’s not a chocolate fan.


I have to say this was my top pick from this box, I was so surprised how good this tasted. Trust me when I say this  is such a creamy white chocolate bar made out of rice powder with a crispy hazelnut brittle. 100% AMAZING!


    Good old trek, I have had these so many times good for a before workout snack or just to keep in ur bag.


Last but not lest another dark chocolate bar again what more can I say its a nice dark choco not too bitter and a great size for a quick sugar fix when you have a crazy sweet tooth like me.

So do I recommend this box…

Yes I do the mix of snacks was good it being more on the chocolaty side which I didn’t mind at all. Do check them out as the do offer a range of different Boxes and you can also start a subscription I know I will.

Roxie xx

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