Agadir, Morocco

This all started in August, my mother was going to celebrate a big birthday in November and I wanted to do something special I just wasn’t sure what yet… Knowing I wanted to do something I started saving money meaning I deleted that boohoo bookmark and cut down on the sweet Moscato.

Fast forward to October and I had just come back from Boa Vista, I just happened to be on the TUI website and I saw the winter sun deals scrolling though they all seem to be really affordable, I had been saving so why not a holiday?

MOR_AGD_0889WebOriginalCompressedThen I saw it a picture for the RUI Tikida Dunas and I instantly knew that’s where I wanted to take my mum for her birthday.

Now the fun part I kept this a secret until the day before we were going, she didn’t believe me!! I had to show her the tickets and the booking letter.

As we only spent 7 nights there, there is so much still to see in Agadir and I would love to go back but while we were there we did take a quick tour of the city. We got taken around the marina and the market, up the mountain with the country’s motto God Motherland King. We had a tour of a Berber museum.

Berbers are the original people of Morocco and are a mix of seven tribes for more info click here:


We also went for a  dinner and a show one evening which was really a good evening with horse riders, acrobats, belly dancers and live music.

It truly was a nice little get away the beach was amazing the food too. If your planning on going anywhere next year give Agadir a thought.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post today sorry it has taken me so long.

Roxie xx
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