Fish Tacos

My love for fish tacos is never ending, I did a YouTube video a year or so ago trying out an Old El Paso kit and from then I have loved fish tacos.

Unfortunately, they no longer have this kit so I had to come up with my own version. Now I know I’m not the best for giving exact measurements but I really do hope you can get the gist of my recipes.

I like to use whatever white fish I may have but this recipe also works with salmon. With a couple fillets, I cut them up in to chunks. I’ll season them with this garlic and paprika seasoning and let that marinate for a while.

    Once I’m  ready to cook I mix up some breadcrumbs with flour and I just lightly coat the fish and then fry. if you want to be healthier you can always bake the fish.

While the fish are frying I make my compliments, I start with half an avocado, crushed garlic, lemon juice and some lime pepper.  I like it a little chunky so I don’t mash it up too much but if you like it smoother than go ahead.

I also chopped up some tomatoes and bought some sour cream& chive and pink slaw. What I love about your toppings is that it can be anything you want. I don’t always use the same I really just grab for what I have got or what I fancy that day.

   Personally I like to use the mini tortillas and just heat them up right on the stove, it gives them a smoky taste and they don’t get too hard.

 Now its time to assemble I start with the avocado, some fish, the slaw top it off with the sour cream and tomatoes. If you like things a bit spicy you can add some chilli may it be some jalapeno or dried chilli flakes.

I would eat about four of them but that’s only cause I’m really greedy no its cause they are soo good. I hope you try this recipe out and let me know what you think in the comments or on my socials.

Roxie xx

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