Sephora’s Charcoal Nose Strip Review

Now I don’t think I can express my obsession for Sephora. It probably comes down to the fact that we STILL don’t have one in the UK, god knows if we will ever get a store.

So every time I go to France to see family Sephora is the first place I shop, I only want there brand of products so I spend hours looking at each and everything.

I am a huge fan for there make up products but this time I decided to pick up some of there skin care and something that I have never tried before was a nose strip. Charcoal is very in right now and I have seen nose strips all over Instagram so of course I had to try it. IMG_5461

When you open it up its a thin slice of plastic with the strip attached, you have to moisten your nose a little then attach the strip. Now I don’t know if I made my nose to wet but it did take longer then instructed for it to harden.


But once it was I peeled it off and with left with a very smooth shiny looking nose. Now do I think it was amazing no, but I never really had and issues with the skin on my nose but I do think this would work for anyone who has larger pores or constant white heads.

Roxie xx

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