Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask Review Part 2 (Final)

Its About To Get Really Gross

Yes here it is finally!! First I would like to say sorry for taking so long to get this post, if you have been following me you can see I have stepped up my game and I am now on WordPress.com.

I really am enjoying bogging so I just wanted to be on a more respectable site.

Get Ready, Get a Bucket, Get ready To be Shooketh


 Yea… I did warn you but this is what this post is about.

So where I left off I did the mask and nothing happened for about 4 days, I had a nice hot bath and when I got out I noticed my feel looked a bit off.  As I was drying my feet then I  realised Shit! the mask did worked my feet where peeling like crazy.

My feet peeled for about 5 days and during this time they did feel a little sensitive, with new skin being exposed I guess this was bound to happen. But its not too much of an uncomfortable feeling, oh down side I guess when I washed the mask off my feet some of it must of gotten on my had cause my hands did peel also.

So Did It Work?

Yes and no so yes my feet did peel and felt super soft but it did not really get the hard parts, now this could be my fault as I only had it on for 60 minutes on the pack it did recommend 90 minutes for hard calluses. IMG_1566.JPG             This is not the best picture and they look better in person but I am happy with the result. My feet over all feel softer and they look brighter too and would recommend it to anyone who can handle the peeling.

Roxie xx

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