T.K.maxx Skincare Haul & Review

I have been looking into the Korean 10 step skincare and T.K.maxx has a lot of Korean products hence why I made my way for this haul.
People don’t realise how GOOD the skincare is in T.K.maxx, now you do have to be patient and I recommend going on a quiet day cause you have to take the time and look at everything.

Most of the products I ended up getting was a mix of Korean, Australian and New Zealand based also got some bath stuff as well. I have tested all of them out so I can give you a quick review.

The Crème Shop

Melt Away 3-1 Charcoal Cleansing BalmIMG_1818I got this one about a few days later from getting the haul, it stuck in my mind so I went got it. So going back to the Korean 10 step skincare regime, they believe in double cleansing so you start with an oil based cleanser to remove make up, pollution and dirt that you get on your face during the day.

As to the instructions you rub this all over your dirty face then wash it off, if you have oily skin the oily texture of the cleanser will absorb sebum making the cleansing process much more effective. this took my make up off like a dream even waterproof mascara, it was so easy and left my skin feeling soft.


Aloe Foam CleanserIMG_1781

As step two in the 10 step Korean regime you then use a water based cleanser and the point of this is to wash away any remaining product from your oil cleanse. This will guarantee that your skin is 100% clean, so that you can prepared for next steps and absorb all the beneficial ingredients of your skin products you put on after.

My face feels so smooth after I use this and it’s squeaky clean. There is definitely that feeling of the oil being removed and just fresh.

  Beauty Concepts

Tea Tree & Charcoal Sheet Masks  IMG_1780I’m a massive fan of sheets masks, when I normally go on holiday to France be sure I would get about 10 of them from Sephora. So I was happy to see T.K.maxx had so many different kinds. I picked up this one cause I do have oily skin and suffer from a break outs from time to time.

I have so far only used the charcoal masks , they come out of the pack black and this makes for some funny snaps but after using it my face does feel nice and I don’t get that itchy feeling I normally get from some of the Sephora ones.


Face ScrubsIMG_1782

I love body scrubs and you will see further down in the post so I decided to try this one for the face as an exfoliator.

I have only used the chia seed so far as there is a lot in the pack. What I like about this product is that it seems to be really natural and you can tell when you put it on your skin. Its a very fine scrub so your not left red or sore after using it.

Botanical Apothecary

Wildflower Himalayan Bath Salts IMG_1783

There is not thing better after a long day or a good workout then getting in to a hot bath.  When bath also has some detoxing benefits its even better and that’s why I love bath salts.

What I find fun with these are the dried flowers that float in the bath makes me feel like I’m in a music video, the smell is not over powering and it has a soft pink hew to the water.


Gold Eye PatchesIMG_1784As I’m getting older and probably more stressed out I have really notice the bags under my eyes. So I picked up these eye patches firstly cause they said the word gold then after reading the benefits I’m glad I did.

If you have had a really bad nights sleep just pop them on for 10 mintues and the puffy bags will disappear.

Side note keep them in the fridge and they feel even better cold.

Organik Botanik

Acai Berry Body ScrubIMG_1785WOW!! I just have to say it I love this body scrub it smells amazing. Its a fine scrub so again it wont leave you red and raw, it looks and smells like a tasty yogurt but trust me it don’t taste like one…

Use this before your about to shave to get the super slick feeling, really whenever it works great anytime.

Favourite out of the haul and out of any other body scrub I’ve used.


Soothing  Manuka Honey Sheet Mask IMG_1786

Yep I got more sheets makes I know I have a problem but I couldn’t help myself. I have been seeing everywhere how amazing manuka honey is meant to be for our skin or in our body’s.

So when I saw theses I thought why not give them a try, honey is an antibacterial so great for acne prone skin. Plus with the weather getting colder your skin could use the moisture boost.

Again I don’t get that itchy feeling after using this sheet mask but it does warm up slightly when on so don’t be alarmed its not going to burn your face off.

Organik Botanik

Coconut Bath Bombs  IMG_1787

Flop that’s all I have to say… they smell good but when your use to a lush explosion of a bath bomb and then these ones just about fizz. Not worth it.

Café Spa

Vanilla Latte Body ScrubIMG_1788

I have used this brand before and loved it, its a very coarse scrub but the feeling you have after is worth it just don’t rub too hard. You only get about two uses but its really cheap at £2.99, just get a bunch of them at a time.


Charcoal Pore Nose Strips IMG_1789

During my holiday the pores on my nose looked massive, I think all the sun screen was building up and it was just gross. I did a review of a Sephora one a few months back and that worked really well.

I wasn’t disappointed by this brand did exactly the same, sorry I took a photo of the French side of the box they are so easy to use and I feel my pores look a lot smaller after.

If you want me to do a post on how I do the Korean 10 step skincare and how my skin has changed, let me know in the comments or on my socials below.

Roxie xx

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