Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask Review Part 1

If You Have A Foot Fetish
This Is May Not The Post
For You

I hate my feet! See the problem is that growing up I hated anything on my feet, I just wanted to walk bare foot anywhere I could.

So years of doing this has left me with rock feet (yea I said rock feet), my feet are so hard I can step on a leggo and not feel a thing.(ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean)

I started noticing posts about a product called baby feet, saw a few YouTube videos as well that it can peel away years of dead skin and calluses. 


https://goo.gl/nPHYIj (Amazon link)

There I am on Amazon but I couldn’t find baby feet but I did find Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask, It had the best reviews out of any of the other foot peels.

Well lets start by showing you my foot,

as you can see its rough and it feels worst then it looks.

Now its not written on the back that you need to soak your feet before had but as I felt I had years of damage it felt necessary. 

Once I had a nice 30 minute soak it was time to crack out the booties and get to peeling. They recommend having the booties on for 60-90 minutes.

 I did it for 60 but I do wish now I went for the full 90. My feet felt really tingly once I had taken off the mask and gave them a quick wash (as recommended by the instructions) for days my feel felt a bit numb and they where really shiny. 

Four days later they started to peel…

Yes I am making you guys wait for the final results as I’m still peeling.

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