COLOURPOP Nude Crush Collection

I know its been a while since I have last posted and I'm so sorry, but what a treat I have for you today. Now over the past year I have been seeing a brand pop up a lot on my social feed, that brand is Colourpop. With the constant bombardment I gave them a …

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Chickpea Fritters Wrap

The other day I was craving some falafel so I went to my local supermarket but they didn't have any. I'm a stubborn bitch and I was dead set on getting my fix so I picked up two tins of chickpeas and I was gonna make my own version. These events lead me to making …

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Vegan Chocolate and Snack Hamper Gift Box Review

The Goodness Project Now this theme of vegan snacks reviews started on my YouTube channel where I tried snacks from InSpiral. (Link here I mean who wouldn't want snacks that you don't feel guilty about, which led me to The Goodness Project. I found them on Amazon but they do have there own website. So lets get …

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