COLOURPOP Nude Crush Collection

I know its been a while since I have last posted and I’m so sorry, but what a treat I have for you today.

Now over the past year I have been seeing a brand pop up a lot on my social feed, that brand is Colourpop. With the constant bombardment I gave them a follow. I thought too myself there stuff was pretty cute but I didn’t want to order anything.

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That all changed in January when they launched the Nude Crush Collection, I instantly fell in love and I had to have it. I was a little hesitant as I had seen some complaints about orders from USA going missing or getting damaged. I had also seen few comments regarding paying extra for tax once it had arrived in the UK.

After doing some research and checking the Colourpop website delivery info I was happy enough to put in my order, then the collection was sold out…

Two weeks later it was back and I didn’t waste anytime, I got my card out and I bought it. As it was my first purchase from them I did get 10% off and all tax costs was included, so there was no additional payments once it got into the UK.

It took three business days before it was dispatched and five business days to get in my hands, which felt like a life time but actually its not that bad I was just too excited. Everything came wrapped very well nothing was damaged in anyway.

Ok enough of my ramblings lets get to the makeup, in the Nude Crush Collection you get two sets, Nude Mood and Blush Crush nine pan pallets which are more geared to the soft glam look.

Two Marbled Super Shock Shadow Highlighters, You’re A Catch (Blush Crush set) and The Real Thing (Nude Mood set) which are blinding, never tried and thing like them before. They are so big! I don’t think I need to get another one for the rest of the year.

Lastly you get two Just a Tint Lip Duos, Sweetest Thing (Always Right and Feel Good part of the Blush Crush set) and Can’t Bare It (More Than Ever and Overexposed part of the Nude Mood set) they smell like candy and just bring a whole look together.

Want to see some swatches? ok here you go

So how do I feel now that I have and used the collection? I still thinks it was worth the money and 100% recommend it to anyone, if your new to make up our your looking to soften your glam (did you like what I did there).

Want a closer look at the pallets?

I like how everything works in in there own cohesive sets an mixing and matching can work as well.

I can’t believe its taken me this long to mention the packaging, the blush and soft nudes floral pattern is so aesthetically pleasing. Everything feels good and sturdy not too cheap, I do wish the pallets had mirrors thought.

Look with the Blush Crush Set

Look with the Nude Mood Set

As you can see both beautiful looks, I couldn’t pick which set I liked better so I’m glad you can order the whole collection.

If you are interested in anything I mention they are all linked, and my social are below if you want to seen anymore from me.

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