Chickpea Fritters Wrap

The other day I was craving some falafel so I went to my local supermarket but they didn’t have any.

I’m a stubborn bitch and I was dead set on getting my fix so I picked up two tins of chickpeas and I was gonna make my own version.

These events lead me to making something so tasty and healthy (if you don’t fry them) I will never buy pre made falafel again.


What I did for the fritters was super easy and quick I just put in a blender:

1 tin of chickpeas in water ( half the water included)

3-5 pieces of jalapenos depending oh how spicy you like it

3 whole garlic cloves peeled

1 tablespoon of dried coriander

1 tablespoon  of dried parsley

1 large spring onion  (whites go into blander the green part you keep for later)

Salt and pepper to taste.

Blend then add plain flour slowly until it thickens just a little but not that it forms a dough, then add the chopped green part of the spring onion and mix.


Once you have your mixture you can cook it two ways if ya want to be super healthy you can chill it for a few hours until it hardens a bit then form your fritters and bake them, or if you want some thing quick you can fry them.

Now lets get to assembling the wrap I like to have wholemeal wraps but you can have what you like.

First I spread some hummus, then to one side add some baby spinach, chopped green olives, the fritters, some tzatziki and I had some more chopped jalapenos cause I like it spicy.

Roll it up and enjoy.


 Roxie xx

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