Healthy(ish) Home Made Pizza

Yes this is a quick recipe that I had come up with one afternoon, I really wanted a pizza but was trying to be healthy that day so I made this. It worked out really well and tasted amazing so I want to share that with you guys today. Now I do have to say …

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Sephora’s Charcoal Nose Strip Review

Now I don't think I can express my obsession for Sephora. It probably comes down to the fact that we STILL don't have one in the UK, god knows if we will ever get a store. So every time I go to France to see family Sephora is the first place I shop, I only …

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Vegan Chocolate and Snack Hamper Gift Box Review

The Goodness Project Now this theme of vegan snacks reviews started on my YouTube channel where I tried snacks from InSpiral. (Link here I mean who wouldn't want snacks that you don't feel guilty about, which led me to The Goodness Project. I found them on Amazon but they do have there own website. So lets get …

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