PB&J Bars

Today, I have a ridiculously easy and fast snack bar for pre-workout or just to enjoy at will.

To save time you can get the crust and crumble pre-made as I did.

 Then all you need is your choice of jam and peanut butter.

So just following the instructions on the sweet crust packet, I mixed cold water with the dry mix and then mixed it with a fork.

Dust some flour roll it out thin then cut into the desired shape. I went for a square as I want to cut them into smaller ones at the end.

  Grease a baking pan lined with foil, add the crust and prick all over with a fork so it bakes flat.

After 10-15 minutes you get a nice golden crust, let it cool. Then spread peanut butter and jam on top.

IMG_2155   Then heavily sprinkle the pre-made crumble mix all over the top.

IMG_2156To make sure the jam doesn’t fall out I bring up extra foil on all sides so when it bakes the jam stays in place. Bake for 15-20 minutes.

   Once the top and gone golden allow to cool fully cut and enjoy. They at so yummy and keep for a while in the fridge. This is made so easy by using pre-made store products and doesn’t take that long to make.

If you try this treat let me know in the comments below!!


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