The Body Shop Haul

Back in the day in my teen years, I used to be obsessed with The body shop. As time went by and new things occupied my life I totally forgot about this shop.

So when the new face mask’s came out a few months back (click here for the blog post)  I refill in love with The body shop. So here’s a haul for some old favourites and some newish.

Almond Milk & Honey Bath Milk 

IMG_2021I tried to get a few things I never tried before and this was one of them. They have a huge range of almond milk & honey, in the winter months, I do find my skin start to get a little dry, so a nice bath soak is always welcome.

This smell amazing, it left my skin feeling really soft, I would love to look more into this range as I was impressed by this bath milk.

Moringa Body Mist 


White musk used to be my sent I used everything white musk, I was so happy to see they still sold it. But I wanted to try something new and that’s where Moringa comes in. It was recommended to me by a shop assistant and she was right it smells really pretty. Its floral but light, my one issue is that it lasts one minute. I know its a body mist but I imagine it to last longer than a minute before it fades.

Drops Of Light Brightening Serum 


I have a few dark marks and some new ones I am dying to get rid of, I was recommended this serum. I don’t think I have used it long enough but what I can say is that the older marks are starting to fade so fingers crossed they will go very soon.

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion


How could I have forgotten about this miracle in a tube? This was an old fav that really helps out my teenage skin, so when I saw it I just had to pick it up. It still lives up to my fond memories, I use this every day and my skin is so smooth and m pores look smaller.

Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion


Again, this was recommended to me as I needed a new face moisturiser, by now you should know I’m oily AF. I was handed this and was told it works as a primer as well and it did not disappoint, it feels more like a gel than a creamy lotion and I like that. a little goes a long way and leaves my skin feeling matt but not dry and my make up has been lasting longer before the oil spill takes over my face.

Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation & Matte Clay Concealer

In the foundation, I picked up Santiago Walnut its the darkest colour at the moment. I find it to be more on the red-brown side but I finessed it to work for me. For the formula, it defiantly dries matt so to stop it looking cakey I wouldn’t use a lot of powder on top. I would say it’s not full coverage more like a medium but two light layers and it’s passable. Now the concealer for £7 it’s a bit much for the size, but it works really well with the foundation. I got it in Moluccan Nutmeg, and I use this in the centre of my face, over my dark marks/ under eyes. Doing this helps blend the foundation better and like the end results for an everyday look.

Coconut, Passionfruit & Carrot Lip Juicer


I HATE IT! It feels really strange to me, and for £7 I’m so disappointed. It feels waxy and my lips hurt after a while, calling it a juicer I excepted it to go on smooth and make my lips… juicy. It smells great and the faint tint is cute and all but its a big fat NO from me.

Shine Lip Liquid


Cute gloss got it in the colour Apple Taffy, Which is like a light brown on my skin tone and is a great handbag addition for any emergencies. It smells good, feels good and looks good what more could you ask for?

There you have it, in the end, I like most of what I got and still think the body shop it great for skin care and pamper bits. I do feel some of the prices are a bit much especially for the quantities, but I have been introduced to some new staples and reintroduce to old goodies.

Roxie xx
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