The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask Review

If you haven’t notice I have been obsessed with trying out new skin products lately and today is no different, yes that’s right… today I have got for you another skin product review.

As I was walking into Lush, I saw that there was no fresh face masks! Your girl was on the verge of a breakout and I needed that Cosmetic Warrior. Walking out, I walked passed The Body Shop and remembered the new faces masks they have.

Kind lady walks up to me and askes me if I need help,  I tell her yes I wanna try one of theses new masks. She askes me if I have any skin issues, I pointed out I’m oily AF, I get handed this mask and proceed to pay £17!!

For a small pot I got to say its a bit much.


So here is my face as you can see I have some small spots especially on my forehead  I also have some discolouration but that’s for another day.

After cleansing I apply the mask,

 When it goes on it feels really cold and it tingles, dries really quick too and goes white in colour. You that stiff cant laugh feeling and with the little bits in the mask you feel like your exfoliating too.


After washing it off with warm water I notice I small spots have reduce my skin feels smooth. I also think it looks brighter and my pores reduce.

Overall I really liked this product and I would love to try the other masks, the only thing putting me off is the price but I do have to say a little goes a long way, its really a use once or twice a week max.

I highly recommend using this mask and I think with regular use my skin is going to be amazing.

Roxie xx

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