Salt & Pepper Prawns With Fried Brown Rice

When I say you have to try this recipe YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! If you get that urge for a Chinese try this instead but if your really lazy then yea call them up haha.

As you should know by now I am not the best for measuring and I try my best to explain what I did.

Salt & Pepper Prawns

No doubt when I’m having a Chinese I always order theses prawns, I had a go at making them myself and they turned out delicious.

It’s really simple all I did was put some sesame oil in a wok. Seasoned some fresh prawns with four, salt, garlic salt and pepper then fry.


Fried Brown Rice

Ok now lets get to the rice, as usual a girl just used what she’s got so if you don’t like brown rice, just use white no diggity no doubt baby.

  In the left over oil from the prawns I fried some chopped spring onions then set it aside. Drain the wok then add some sliced Chinese dried cured sausage. There is a lot of fat in this type of sausages so frying them with out oil, plus the fat and oil it releases helps flavour the rice.

Once you have cooked the sausage and all its lovely juices have come out whip up 3 eggs with a dash of water and give them a quick scramble. The rice I used was Tilda brown basmati and I had half left from the wild rice so I used that too.

IMG_1751Now that the rice had been added, add a hadfull of frozen peas(2petit pois)

To season the rice I used salt, mirin, dark soya sauce for colour and fish sauce. I do this all to take so just add as much or as little as you like.

IMG_1756 And that’s it to present it I love to do the bowl trick, don’t forget to oil the bowl first so it doesn’t all stick on the inside.

  Frist I had the fried spring onions then the prawns, pack the rice in tight, flip it over on a plate tap the bowl a few times and it will come out perfect.

Let me know if you give this a try and enjoy xx

Roxie xx

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