Why I Have Unrealistic Ideas When It Comes To Relationships

Disney Fucked Me Up

I’m about to go on a BEAST like rant (ha see what I did there), about why I think good old Walt Disney pictures (and many other movies) ruined dating for me.

As a young girl like millions of you out there I grew up watching Disney movies, I had all of them except Dumbo and Fox And The Hound but that’s not important right now.

So as a girl I had it set in my mind that when I grow up I will just find my husband and live happily ever after. Throughout my teen years was never really interested in boys or dating which led to a few rumors about me being a lesbian which I just laughed off cause when I hit 20 I’ll just be married to my dream man.  


20’s hit and its time for me to find a husband so I start to date, what a shock to the system that was! On my first ever date I was expecting a magic carpet, jk I’m not that demented but I did expect the guy to bring me some flowers, be well dressed and charming instead he was late, wearing joggers and asked me to pay (I am not joking!)

Unfortunately I had a few dates like this but not all  hope was lost as I did get a few descent dates so when those dates turned into a relationship where my expectation met?      

I’m in my first real relationship and this guy was charming, dressed well and handsome (that’s it your girl is getting married!!).

He was a real sweet talker and that should of been a red flag but I didn’t know about these things it was all PG for me (x rated at night hehehe). 

Here’s me thinking this is it my Cinderella moment with my prince charming but he turned into a Hans form Frozen real quick (he cheated on me with a stripper).

So where does this leave me now? Well I have been in a relationship for 5 years and I have come to terms with how it should be realistically. It’s not all blue birds and pet crabs helping but you shouldn’t take any shit either, So to the girls who are dating at the moment I’m not saying to lower your expectations, but are they so high that no one could ever reach it?

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