How The Fit Men Cook Cookbook Changed My Life

Dramatic title I know but since last year I have been following the @fitmencook Instagram if you don’t know who he is his name is Kevin Curry, After seeing a photo of himself he started to eat better and workout. He came up with healthy, delicious meals that he shared via tumbler and Instagram.

First I just used to check it out cause the food looks good. But after a while I really wanted to start making some of these recipes, that was around about the time he announced a cookbook.

As soon as it available on amazon I got it the next day. The first four chapters of the cookbook aka “Part 1” is dictated to his back story why he stated the fit men cook community, why you should meal prep, helpful tips and guidelines, shopping list, meal plans and some kitchen tools you will need. I found part 1 very inspirational there is some really helpful advice I also appreciated the different meal plan ideas.

Part 2 is where you will find 100 healthy and tasty meals. So for the past several weeks, I have been cooking a few recipes not only are they easy to make really delicious and flavorful, because of this I have also been losing weight. I have to say its a nice side effect, just wanting to try out these recipes and to eat better. I always find it hard to diet cause diets are so boring and repetitive. Not only is there 100 different recipes to try he also suggests variations for different ingredients or spices you could try so it feels like the possibility are endless.

As you can see there are some really vibrant and tasty meals and I have just tried a few for them so far, my favorite’s have to be the moroccan chicken, white mac ‘n’ cheese, red dhal curry, dijon and tarragon smothered chicken, the low carb jambalaya, honestly eveyone I have tried I have loved so far.

I highly recommend this cookbook for anyone who wants to try cooking better for themselves without feeling that they are on a diet. If you follow me on my soical below you can catch me trying other recipes from the book.

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