Olay Daily Facials 5-in1 Dry Cloths – Sensitive Skin Review

I’m a sucker for something new and different, so when I saw Olay had these makeup remover wipes that are wet-activated I had to get my hands on them.


As I have sensitive skin I pick up the sensitive cloths, they claim to be a 5-in 1 solution for your daily cleansing needs as they remove dirt, oil, and makeup, even mascara, cleanses, exfoliates, evens & softens skin as well as leaving your skin moisturised.


They come tightly packed and you get 30 wipes per box, there’s no scent really maybe a faint aloe fragrance.


Once you pull one out, you can see it has many holes I think this helps for it to gently scrub your skin.



Here’s a tip all you need is a little bit of warm water to get it foaming, you don’t want to leave it under the tap too long cause it could wash the product out.


 For my everyday work makeup, one wipe is definitely enough, if you’re wearing heavier makeup you need two. I like to start on my cheeks and forehead I give it a quick rinse again and then do my eyes. There are no soap or anything harming for your eyes so you can wipe them sting free.


As you can see it really picks up everything and with the reaming foam on my face I rub that in then just wash it off.


Feeling so fresh and so clean.

So would I recommend Olay Daily Facials? Yes, What I love about these clothes is that unlike other makeup remover wipes is first they won’t go dry, so they can last for a really long time if you don’t use them every day. Second, they don’t dry your face out at all and in these colder months, you really need to keep the moisture in your skin so it doesn’t get dry and cracked.

They are around £5-£6 depending on where you buy them from and they also come for normal skin as well.

Roxie xx
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