Makeup Revolution Review

So if you’re like me you would have noticed a lot of advising for this brand lately, you cannot go too long scrolling on Instagram without one of their ads or a beauty blogger posting about Makeup Revolution.

They got my interest that’s for sure, I had a quick look on their website and I also notice they have stock with Superdrug so the next day I went to my local and stocked up.

From what I gathered the main name for the company is Revolution with three subgroups under it Makeup Revolution, Revolution Pro and I heart Revolution. There are also other brands listed on the website but I just wanted to focus on the Revolution brand.

I wanted to get everything you need for a full face but for some reason, I couldn’t find any mascara. In my opinion, I think this was due to the fact that Superdrug had everything spaced out, instead of having all of the Revolution stuff together it’s all over the place, it was annoying.

   Let’s start at the beginning of any makeup application the primer, I picked up the Ultra Face Base Primer. It has a gel texture and goes on very smooth I really like this primer and at only £5 it’s a steal.

Now for the foundation and concealer, I got the Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation in 14 by mistake I really wanted a 13/13.5 I took one from the back of the display, only to realise when I got home the numbers where different… I manage to make it work in the end. I also picked up the Conceal & Define Concealer in 12, I love the doe foot applicator and the formula of both products they really are full coverage and a little goes a long way. I did find the foundation to be a little of the grey, but as it wasn’t the best match for my skin tone, I don’t want to comment too much on it until I get the right colour.

 Next, I used some setting powder I got two kinds the Luxury Banana and Terracotta. I was really intrigued by the terracotta as I have not seen this type of powder before, after swatching for the photos, I decided thought the banana powder looked better in the shop it came off real ashy. When it comes to cheaper high street powder they always seem to be on the ashy side… or is it just me that notice that?

     I had a hard time choosing an eyeshadow palette as they all look so good in the end I got Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette in Goldmine. There are some great colours and excellent pigment payoff, the only bag thing I have to say is that the shadows are very powdery and can shed when applying so remember to tap off the brush if you’re applying after you have done your base. The colours I swatched are a mix of matte and shimmers (L-R) Lavish, Luxury, Opulent, Hollywood and Billionaire.

Now for the favourite out of everything I got the Revolution Renaissance Flick eyeliner. I have to admit I can only use felt-tip liners and they have to be on the long thin side, not the short thick ones I seem to see mostly these days. So when I saw this liner I was very excited. Love the formula and how black it is, it also stays a little shiny even after it had dried.

      The camera did not do this highlighter justice! I got Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Rejuvenate. It looks so much better in person it is such a shame I can’t relay this in the photos or video(scroll down). It’s a beautiful bronze/deep gold/copper it’s hard to explain just get it and you will see what I mean.


I picked up two lip products Revolution Nudes Collection Gloss in Skinny Dip (top) and Revolution Retro-Luxe Kits Matte in Royal(bottom). Firstly, the gloss smells like toasted marshmallows and it’s amazing. It’s a little on the light side for me but with a liner it’s fine. It doesn’t have any sticky feeling and lasts for a while. As for the lip kit… where do I start as you can see the lip liner is trash it’s so hard to use I was scratching my skin just to do the swatch, It smells bad like most matte lipsticks do but the colour payoff is just good enough for me to like it, would I get it again? maybe not.

      Another favourite of mine was the Duo Brow Pencil in Dark Brown easy to use with the brush attached and the precision tip pencil I really liked how my brows looked after.

     Lastly the fixing spray cause we don’t want all that hard work just to melt away. I got Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray very light spray and has a light scent too. It also works really well when applying shimmery eyeshadows. It left a light glow to my make so if you like a really matte look you may not like this one.




           As you can see in the close up I do look a little grey but again this is due to having the wrong foundation. I would recommend this brand it’s affordable if you play around with some of the products they can really work great.

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