Penne alla Vodka (In 20 Minutes)

That’s right today I am going to show you how to get this tasty dish, from pan to table in 20 minutes.
I first tried this while I was on holiday and I knew I needed to try and make this for myself.
With any homemade pasta sauce, the best ones always take time. So that’s why I use quick cheats like already made sauces to cut on time.


So, after reading a few recipes, I came up with these simple ingredients:

  • 400g Penne
  • 500g Tomato & Basil Sauce
  • 500g White Sauce
  • 10cl Vodka
  • 200g Unsmoked Bacon Lardons
  • 1 Medium Red Onion
  • Garlic To Taste
  • Parmesan & Parsley To Decorate

Leading with your pasta, I add salt and a few drops of oil to the water and cook it according to the guidelines. I weight about 400g of Penne as I am making this for two people for two days.

In a pan, I add some butter, chopped up red onion and garlic granules. Fresh garlic would be better, but I didn’t have any.
Sauté for 5 minutes until onions are soft.

Now add the bacon lardons and cook until brown, once that has achieved, deglaze the pan with a few caps full of the vodka.

Time to add the ready-made sauces I use one jar of tomato with basil and white sauce. Cook it down till it is nice and thick for me this took about 10 minutes.

I had a quick taste and discovered it needed a tad more garlic and a light sprinkle of onion powder, as the white sauce made it bland. I added a some fresh chopped tomatoes to give the illusion it was home-made and the rest of the vodka. Let it cook for several minutes, that’s the sauce done.


Just mix it all together serve with parmesan and a sprinkle of parsley. There you have it a delicious dish in 20 minutes it tastes like its chef made and could easily impress whomever.

Roxie xx

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