Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A month or so ago I got a call, it was from the boyfriend saying ‘let’s just go somewhere’ and within a few days, we booked a trip to Puerto Vallarta. It felt very spontaneous and with only 3 weeks to go, I needed to prep.

For years I have wanted to go to Mexico I loved the food, the culture and the music, so I was very excited.
Again I travelled with TUI, I feel easy travelling with them as they are on the cheaper side but they still go to exotic destinations. They have a great range of hotels to choose from as well as staple chain names you would recognise.


We stayed at Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa, this place was as amazing as the photos, just walking into the lobby I could tell we picked a great hotel. Once we checked in we were offered a cocktail and our bags carried to the room for us, the courtesy of the staff at this hotel is on another level.
As we arrived mid-afternoon we quickly showered and walked around. We took a look at the adult-only pool, the main pool, the main bar/sitting area and the zoo YES THATS RIGHT I SAID ZOO.

After spending a good 20 minutes at the zoo we took a seat at the main bar and had a drink. Few drinks and chatting to a few people we then hit the main dinner buffet. Considering it to be quite late the food at the buffet was still plentiful, there were various choices from pizza to of course tacos. I have to say I was never disappointed in the food whether it was at the buffets or one of the à la carte restaurants.
The first day was spent by the adult’s pool, Music was playing lightly in the background and the drinks were flowing all day. With stunning views of the beach from the infinity pool and with great entertainment like a lady singing or a gentleman playing the guitar it really was a relaxing atmosphere.

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Okay now, let me talk about the most important part Since I’ve already hinted at how good the food is, I will take the time now to really express how amazing the food was at this hotel.

Firstly the Mexican restaurant was definitely my favourite With a range of crab, fish, meat and chicken there is really nothing to be disappointed when it comes to a choice. On our last day, we got treated with flaming coffee which was a pleasure to watch it being made by our table.

Another one of my absolute favourites was the Japanese restaurant, the sushi was incredible and the salmon came in a delicious coconut and lime sauce was so so so good.

Honestly, I could go on about the food for the rest of this post but let me tell you about some of the excursions that I did. As we were only there for a week we didn’t want to exhaust ourselves, we managed to pick two that we did like first was rhythms of the night.

You get to sail on a boat to the end of the cove, a huge surprise was that while we were sailing we managed to see dolphins swimming next to us. Staff on the boat were very friendly and entertaining, the put of little shows and played music.

Pictures can not do justice to when you arrive to see the whole place lit up by candles and torches. Soon as you arrive you get to walk through the candlelit forest, then you see an amazing show with acrobats, fire dancers, singers, dancers and contortionists It could rival any West End show.
Then you get escorted to the beach front where you have a candlelit dinner, and yes everything was tasty.

Another tour that we did call magic towns, where we got to visit 2 towns with a lot of history. The first town was Muscato with a deep rich history within the Roman Catholic religion as they have there own town saint.
We also got to see how a secondary school is like for Mexican teenagers What I found very interesting, that in some of the secondary school they also like to teach life skills like farming, woodwork, metal shop and how to make cheese.

In between towns, we visited a house where also have a silver mine. This house is quite famous because Elizabeth Taylor used to stay there and also Ricky Martin filmed the music video there.

You get to see all the old documentation of the Staff and the family that lived there. Then we went off to visit San Sabastian which is a town with a history rich in the silver mine and the Spanish invasion. To end the tour we went tequila tasting and yes that was the best part haha. I learnt so much about life on that side of Mexico.

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A week was definitely not enough and I would definitely go back to the Pacific side of Mexico.
I do not have one complaint about the hotel that we stayed in the atmosphere the people that I’ve met was amazing.

But please be warned there is a departure tax when you leave Mexico now this was not mentioned to us in the booking confirmation, we only found out once we arrive there.
When it comes to currency please go there with some pesos or take only the new £10 or £5 pound notes as the hotel I was staying in really didn’t except the £20 notes for some reason.

Also when you arrive in Mexico please just head straight out of the airport, it can be a little intimidating but when you arrive there is a room full of people that are trying to get your attention to try and get you to go to parties or book you on tours. So if you’re not interested in that stuff please head straight outside where we found out TUI Rep.

Again I want to express I had an amazing time in Mexico and go for two weeks as a week is deafly not enough hahaha.

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