My First Wig

I have been wearing weaves for almost 3 years straight, with no real brakes in-between. So I think it would be safe to say I’m bored of them, plus my hair was growing but my scalp got really bad.
It’s not like I don’t love my natural hair but I really don’t have the patience for it. Right now I just want to look after my scalp and not get heat damage again!

That’s where wigs come in, now please don’t judge me too hard I’m new at this.
A few weeks back I got a super cheap £12.99 wig, just to get the feel for it. Of course, it’s not the best looking thing so I just wore it around the house. once I felt comfortable I decided to go a step up and get a lace wig.


I got the Togo deep side part from Kuknus Collection at my local hair shop. It is not a full lace front, it only has lace on the part and at the front for baby hairs. To be honest, the baby hairs didn’t look natural at all so I cut them off. Also, I don’t want my edges to start falling off by gelling it down when I wear it.

£32.99 at local hair store


As you can see it was straight but with that kinky texture. I wanted to straighten it out, with the straightener (on low as it is synthetic) and with some heat protector I took out all of the kinks.

I was told to get a wig brush aka one of these detangle brushes, it works very well at gripping the hairs and getting it really straight.

After using the heat protector the wig becomes too shiny, so after a few sprays with dry shampoo it looked much better.

     Now I was hesitant when it came to customising the parting. I didn’t want to ruin anything and I watched a few YouTube videos. As you can see the parting doesn’t look very natural, it doesn’t show enough ‘scalp’ and the lace looked off.

 I slowly start pulling the hairs out of the parting so it got a little wider. I could do more but like I said it was my first time so I just did a little bit. Then as I do have a full lace front I couldn’t bleach the knots. Instead, I settled for the concealer method.

I’m very happy with how it turned out again I know I could pull more out of the parting but baby steps. As of writing this blog, I have washed it and it still looks really good. there has been some tangling but I keep straightening the ends and it’s keeping the tangles at bay.
If you have any tips and tricks for me let me know in the comments below or on my socials.

Roxie xx
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