TK Maxx Healthy Snack Haul

 So you guys should know by now I am on a journey to feeling better about myself, I have been working on my diet and exercise.

One of my major setbacks is that I love to snack and healthy snacks cost some coin. That’s the one thing I never understand, they want you to eat better but all the healthy stuff is more expensive than the crap.

I went to my local health food store and I walked back out, the amount of just some nuts was absurd.

I think it safe to say I have an obsession with TK Maxx, maybe I Just love a deal. So that’s where I went to look for some healthy snacks.


I tried to stay clear of all the sweet treats, as sugar is what I am working on. But somehow I manage to pick up some choco.

I picked up theses graze snacks as they normally retail for £ 3.29, I got each for £1.99! My fave has to be the spicy sriracha as I put sriracha on everything. Great taste and crunchy, put your mouth to work properly working out that jawline all in one.


This has to be the best buy for me, they were so flavourful I couldn’t get enough. They are made from Cassava which is a woody shrub native to South America, its full of fibre and carbs so its way better than a potato. Amazing, not to salty perfect movie night snack.


From my favourite to my least, I hated theses there where so dry and dull. I feel sorry for anyone with gluten problems that this is what you get to eat. Hard, dry, balls of chocolate scented cardboard with stale nuts on the crust… My mum ate these as I just didn’t want to scrape my mouth anymore.



I so glad I found this, as its hard to find trail mixes without any nuts. You have to be careful as the sugar levels are very high so you cant have too much. Packed with tropical fruits and coconut this would be good on top of some breakfast bowls.

The last two things I got, dark chocolate dragon fruit pieces and some salted cashews portioned to be 100 calories per pack. Again with the dragon fruit, you cant eat much of it but it’s very nice. If you don’t like dark chocolate it’s still good as it does have that bitter taste. As for the nuts, there simple and I like that you don’t have to worry about portion size.

In the end, I spent £26.21 in TK Maxx instead of £31.88 in a local health food store. Now I just have not to eat all of it at once haha.

Roxie xx
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