Tasty Mediterranean Pasta

I haven’t been eating pasta much lately but when I do I usually make this or mac and cheese, but for todays post lets focus on the healthier option.

Now you can make this vegan by skipping the chicken and the ricotta, if you want to be uber healthy you can bake the chicken instead of fry. I usually do bake the chicken but this was after work and I wanted something quick.

Boil you pasta how you like it, I’m using brown pasta and I like my pasta al dente. I just lightly coted pieces of chicken in flour, salt, pepper and parsley and gave it a quick fry.

   To make the sauce I just take a jar of roasted red peppers drain out just half of the liquid and add it to your blender. The add 3 garlic cloves, pepper, salt and parsley and blend it all together.

Now you can just leave it there but for an added extra-ness I add some ricotta into the mix.


So your pasta is read and so is your sauce in a pot fry some mixed peppers and red onion.

Add pasta, chicken then the sauce and let that cook for about 5 minutes until it thickens.

IMG_1614Serve with a side salad with black olives and feta a dash of parsley on top and enjoy.

Roxie xx

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