My Secrets To Soft Skin

So I have been told I have soft skin and that I have a glow about me. Now of course I don’t think that about myself but as I do get asked about what I use, I thought I would just post about it here.

This all starts with Google I often look up homemade products, I think natural is the best way to go.

Brown Sugar Scrub

I love to do this scrub during the winter months as the cold weather is often the cause dry dull skin. This is so versatile you can use it for your face, body and your lips. Just mix coconut oil and raw brown sugar and that’s it!! You could go fancy and add vitamin E or honey but its not essential. 

Just get in the shower get a little wet, scrub all that dead skin away, rinse and Voilà.

(I would shave after as the oil will give our skin and barrier giving you a closer smother shave).       

For When I’m Lazy

When I’m not arsed to make something myself I use Lush products. All there scrubs are amazing but my number one will always be Ocean Salt maybe cause there is vodka in it I don’t know. 

I also use there shaving creams/soap D’Fluff and Prince.

As I said before I do like to keep it natural but I do often use hair removal creams as well. I tend to use ones that are of sensitive skin or has some sort of added oils or vitamins. 


Coconut oil is often just left on my skin after a scrub but when I do need to grab for a lotion I love Garnier body hydra lock. It’s non greasy for a thick creamy formula and I just love how it makes my skin feel. Oh I can’t forget Palmer Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter for when I feel like my skin needs a tighter feel. 

I hope this was some help to someone out there, if you use or try any of my tips out let me know 🙂

Roxie xx 

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