YesStyle Haul Cosrx, Mediheal, Tony Moly, Wishtrend

A few weeks back I found myself on YesStyle again I’m pretty much addicted to this site at this point, it doesn’t help that they have a sale all the time so I just click away.

Anyway, I saw some new products I wanted to try.


I got these products from Cosrx, I follow them on Instagram and was excited to see the Centella Cleansing Powder was finally in stock, also I heard so much about the Rice Overnight Spa Mask and the Snail 96 Power I had to try them.

Centella Cleansing Powder

This is a low-pH enzyme-infused exfoliating cleansing powder with Centella added to soothe the skin. I love that its packaged in small capsules so its great to travel with the formula is very gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft and not stripped after.

Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Snail masks has been one of the best things I have discovered for my skin, so when I came across a review for this essence I had to have it. My skin feels so nourished every time I use this product. As you can see its a light, slimy texture so a little go a long way.

Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

Where has this been all my life! I uses this like a night time moisturiser. It contains 65% rice extract that helps brighten, nourish and moisturize my skin. Again its thick but it spread very easily.


These masks are legendary in the sheet mask world, if that even is a thing but to me I have seen many reviews and BTS themselves say they use mediheal.

They come in a random set but luckily I got the exact ones I wanted to try. The material is thin but holds a lot of serum, my face didn’t feel sticky after. personal favs would be tea tree, placenta and N.M.F.

Tony Moly

I have posted about theses Tony Moly makes before, last time I tried snail this time I got Propolis aka honey. It’s really good for soothing the skin, if I have a brake out it helps calm it down and it starts to clear by the next day. Next I really want to try Caviar and Pearl.


Again I have posted about these masks before, that’s how you know they are that good. For me they are more on the expensive side hence why I only got two but this mask is an all-in-one it helps nourish, hydrate, lighten blemishes while soothing tired, dry skin.

So there you have it, I got a lot of face masks this time as I was running out. YesStyle is a great place to get skincare from Asia if you want to try any of theses bits and you want some money off uses my code CTNW6D.

Roxie xx
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