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So for the past few weeks, I have been testing out a few products which include today’s post, its all about the bundles.
I have been wearing weaves for a few years now but recently took a short break, as I needed to save some coins. Wanting to get back to wearing them, going to a few hair shops, I found that the prices have really gone up even synthetic-mix was expensive.

So I go where I never get disappointed (most likely cause I read so many reviews) Amazon! I’ll admit I was nervous about getting the hair off Amazon, as you never know what’s going to end up in that box if there’s even anything at all. We have all heard stories about scams or lice infested bundles.

That’s where Doheroine comes in there are only 6 reviews on their page (all positive), but some people have posted pics. The hair looked full and soft and the ends didn’t look dry or split, and that’s what had swayed me to buy it.


So what I got was 4 bundles at mixed lengths of 14″, 16″, 18″ and 20″ with a 14″closure for £76.50 (its gone up by £1 from when I purchase it). It arrived the next day cause I got it on prime delivery, it came in a cute pink box and each bundle was individually wrapped.

As I saw on Amazon the hair was soft, didn’t smell funny, full with thick ends. The colour was naturally dark brown/ black with some medium brown mixed it so 1b and 2-4 mixed for my girls who know what that’s means.

I had my hair stylist install the hair with no tangle issues little shedding and even had some left to spear for next time. Now I have had the hair in for a few weeks and I have stared to wash it at home its time for my review.

For my first time getting the hair off the internet I have not been disappointed, Doheroine are selling some top quality hair I have had no knotting but I have had shedding. I wouldn’t say it the worst I have ever experienced but it had been quite a bit but as I have had almost all 4 bundles installed, it’s not looking thin in the 3 weeks I have had it in.

IMG_2287Once I had started washing it the hair texture had changed to more of a soft wave and this has led me to believe that it is real human hair and I’m not mad at it. But of course if you want to keep to straight you can use low heat on it.  It’s still soft as I am not using any heat on it and following the instructions that were given.

So should you try this hair out?… Yes!! and here is a link to there amazon store(UK).

Roxie xx
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2 thoughts on “Doheroine Hair Review

  1. Shametrius Richardson

    I love the texture of this hair and will be purchasing more .Thank you for great hair at a low affordable price.


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