Halo Top Review


If you’re like me and you love ice cream your gonna love this post! Over the past year or so I have noticed the Americans I follow on Youtube/Instagram have been talking about this brand.

Halo Top is low sugar, low-fat and high protein it most likely one healthiest ice cream out there.

After a few google searches, I couldn’t find it in the UK so I just eventually forgot about it.
Minding my own business I was looking for a little treat to have and as my bais will always be ice cream I took a little walk to my local Tesco.

Now not only did I see Halo Top in the freezer but there was a bunch of flavours and they were half off so I decided for the blog, of course, I had to do a taste test. (Side note didn’t try chocolate or vanilla as they are just standard flavours)


Mint Chip

I wanted to start with this one first, cause it is the one that impressed me the most. Hate would be a strong word but I never go to grab mint chip. You either get that neon green ice cream or the chocolate one with that pure toothpaste taste. This one is nothing like that, it’s not green or brown but looks vanilla base with a sprinkle of small chocolate chips with a minty aftertaste.


Peanut Butter Cup

This is my favourite Ben and Jerry’s flavour hands down. Whoever came up with mixing chocolate and peanut butter was a genius, ok now back to Halo Top. This did not disappoint the ice cream is creamy, I really like the swirls of peanut butter. The main difference between the two is that there are no peanut butter cups actually mixed in, and I’m ok with that cause it still has the same great taste.


Cinnamon Roll

 I have to say this was the first one I tried, and what got me wanting to try the other flavours. The taste with the little bits of cinnamon rolls are amazing, you can tell its one of the more sweeter ones and if you like me your gonna love it. At 360 calories per tub, yes that’s right PER TUB it’s still on the healthy side.


Sea Salt Caramel

Salted caramel was not a flavour I expected to like, but it was really enjoyable. With the smooth swirls of caramel and the vanilla base, it really tastes luxurious. Pro tip mix this one with peanut butter cup its a match made in heaven. Also, my mum is not a fan of any ice cream and she really enjoyed this.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

The tub has a recommendation of four servings that didn’t happen with this flavour. I ate the whole thing in one go, and at 360 calories per tub I didn’t feel too guilty. I defiantly like this one more than the others. To me it tases even better then the Ben and Jerry’s kind.

In all, I really enjoyed Halo Top and would recommend to everyone whether or on a diet or not. As of right now they are half price in Tesco at £2.50 so go and get them while they are on sale!

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