Rome, Italy Part 2 (Final)

Our second day the morning was all about the Colosseum, The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. 

Again we did another tour But this time we did get a little
swindle we was told we could walk on the lower levels of the Colosseum and when asking the tour guide he had no clue about it. So please becarful when these guys come upto you, was it a damper on the day no it was just a little annoying.  I will say this if you want to have all the infomation and learn the history of what happend I 100% recomend doing tours.

 We ended having most of our lunches in this café by our hotel. Caffè Washington dal 1939 has a great menu and wasnt expencise they also had a massvie picher of beer which my boyfriend loved to have.  

Like the day before after lunch and a few moments rest at the hotel we spent our afternoons just walking this time we made our way to the
Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and the Piazza Navona.

I have to mention we did mast many churches and Piazza’s but I did not know the names of many of them, also many churches do not allow you to take photos inside. 

On our last full day we visited Castel Sant’Angelo, now I’m not going to lie my feet and legs where tired at this point and there are a lot of stairs. Once you enter you have a guided path to walk along the castle that leads you to the roof for some amazing views of the roman skyline.

 Our last places we wanted to see was the Piazza di Spagna aka the The Spanish Steps and Trinità dei Monti a church that is at the top of the steps. I also spent way to much money in Sephora by the Spanish Steps but if you flollow my instagram you would have seen that already. 

Besides great Italian food and Ice cream we tried a Roman/Jewish food, some Chinese and had Japanese ramen at the airport.

There is so much to see in Rome it can be overwhelming my best advice is to pick a few places you really want to go, then just wonder about for a few hours a day. Like any city Rome can be expencive, but don’t stress about it to much get a hotel that offers a free brekfast and find placses to eat that are not to near main attractions.

Would I recommend going to for a few days… 100% we had a great time, I learned a lot about the history and had some good food.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.    

Roxie xx
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