The Skinny Bakery

So I have a massive sweet tooth and its a major problem I can’t go a day without a sweet treat, so one evening scrolling on Instagram I came across The Skinny Bakery.

Clicking the link, I found myself on this delightful website selling low calorie and low fat treats.

IMG_2315The first thing that caught my eye where the pearls little mini cakes with a filling in the middle. With a range of flavours from chocolate to lemon and with limited additions millionaires and cherry cheesecake you really are spoilt for choice.

IMG_2318So I chose to order a pick’n’mix box of 10 it came with free next day delivery and the selection I got was PBJ Pearls, cherry cheesecake Pearls, Choc-nut Pearls, Millionaires Pearls, Lemon Pearls, Red Velvet Pearls, Sweet Potato Brownies, Carrot Pearls, Vegan Banana shake Pearls, and Vegan Vanilla bean Pearls.

Lemon Pearls


I had to mention these first cause they where my FAV by far! The sponge was moist (like most of them were) and the lemon flavour was zesty but not too overpowering

Red Velvet Pearl


A little confused as on the site its called red velvet but on the packaging it says beetroot the taste of beetroot was too strong for my liking my mother loved them just wasn’t one for me.

PBJ Pearls


Loved the jam and the crushed peanuts gave it a great texture, the sponge was light and form some reason I could really taste the soya in these pearls more for some reason but still a great taste.

Choc-Nut Pearls


Its hard to make chocolate healthy and taste good but this isn’t bad at all! I think the hit of Nutella helped.

Cherry Cheesecake Pearls


Loved this one, great taste had a real cheesecake tasting filling and the cherry sponge was a delight.

Millionaire’s Pearls


Again this was another one I really enjoyed, the sponge is made with Lotus Biscoff and the filling chocolaty with a date caramel very yummy.

Carrot Pearls


These must have been so amazing cause I didn’t even get to try them!! My mum had them all. She loved them saying they tasted just like carrot cake will have to order them again and hide them next time.

Sweet Potato Brownies


Good fudge texture and soft, nice dark cocoa taste with a little-added crunch of toasted almonds delicious.

Vegan Vanilla Bean Pearls


I enjoyed the chia seeds in the sponge gave it a great texture, the white chocolate filling was yummy. They do have a higher calorie count but they’re still on the healthy side.

Vegan Banana Shake Pearls


Very similar to the vegan vanilla with chia seeds in the sponge but this time it had a light banana taste and the white chocolate filling is a little tart and fits well altogether.


So do I recommend The Skinny Bakery?… Yes, I think its reasonably priced with the box of 10 costing £25.99, individuals and different size options are available. The ones that I love taste great and to know they are not calorie overloaded they are full of clean and healthy ingredients why would you not want to try it?

To make it easier for you just click the product names to go straight to that page on the site and a quick tip you have to store these in the fridge but give it a few minutes for them to get room temperature before you eat them to get the best flavour.

Roxie xx
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